Mediation Services

Life presents difficulties. Parties disagree. Conflict is inevitable. How we handle conflict is a choice we must make. From business dispute resolution, to conflict with the kids or a neighbor, to marriage and divorce, mediation offers an extremely effective and reasonable process to bring an end to conflict.

Unlike arbitration or the courts, mediation rests the power to resolve with the participants, and not with a third party. Do not give up your right and responsibility to resolve a conflict! You have the power and the ability to resolve your dispute with professional support from a dispute resolution specialist.

Mediation Services Adrian MI

Mark is a certified dispute resolution specialist, with years of mediation experience as a mediator with the Southeastern Dispute Resolution Service. The process involved both parties meeting at a neutral location and presenting each position, facilitated by a mediator. The mediator remains neutral and attempts to bring the parties to an agreement, which can be put into writing and become an enforceable document in court. Mediation is a win-win situation. At no point does either party give up the right to have their day in court, if the process does not result in an agreed-upon resolution. Fees are $100 per two-hour mediation session, paid in advance.